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The "Jill" in Jill Duffy Designs

Jill Duffy is an original artist whose current media is website, graphic design, social media, and marketing.  Jill has translated her background in fine art, her degree in graphic design, and her years of corporate experience into creating an inspired and diverse portfolio of one-of-a-kind websites for businesses large and small. Among these are Country Clubs, Restaurants, Camps, Financial Services and Insurance Companies, and small business owners. Jill remains a consultant for Fortune 100 Companies and medium-sized advertising agencies and is an approved Vendor for a regional State-Affiliated Transportation organization.


Jill is far too modest to list her various titles and awards, so we will do it for her. Jill has held the position of art director and marketing communications manager. While at MetLife, Jill was responsible for designing and developing the internal training portal user interface for all MetLife employees.


On the branding front, Jill set standards for concept, layout, and design for all marketing materials, websites, advertisements, and presentation tools for three central business units of MetLife and worked closely with internal Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations partners to ensure that a consistent image and message was being delivered. She also designed and built a highly-regarded interactive multimedia course on selling strategies that included basic training and case studies. Jill has also created national advertising campaigns, packaging, and promotions for national marketing and training programs.

Jill was awarded the 8th Annual Exhibition of Print - Outstanding Graphic Art Achievement Award for her design and layout work, the Life Communicators Association Award of Excellence in newsletter design, and other honors for packaging and promotion. She won BEST in Bucks County for website design.

In 2005, Jill started her own business, Jill Duffy Designs, which offers design and marketing services to companies in the US and Canada.



In 2010, Jill started an ongoing working relationship with Applied Golf, a golf course management company in Millstone Township, NJ. Jill took on the role as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Applied Golf as an independent contractor, where she successfully developed websites, created state-of-the-art graphic designs, and managed and designed social media campaigns, branding, entertainment, event, and restaurant marketing promotions for the Applied Golf portfolio.

The Applied Golf properties are all successful, and the company was purchased in July 2023 by a worldwide leader in golf course management. Jill is proud to be a large part of Applied Golf's success.

Jill Duffy
Jill Duffy Designs
Jill Duffy Designs

8th Annual Exhibition of Print - Outstanding Graphic Art Achievement Award, in recognition of her design and layout work


Life Communicators Association Award of Excellence in newsletter design; as well as other honors for packaging and promotion.



"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design"
Dr. Ralf Speth

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